Here we are… finally!

Here we are… finally! It was not easy to get a move on and give shape to our dream of growth, but we did it! We are an Amateur Sports Association, called “Il  Disc Golf “ (The Disc Golf): no frills and eager to conquer the world. Well, Italy at least.

We’re starting from northern Italy (the founders are from Padova, Brescia, Milan and Parma) but we do not want to stop there. Give us some time to organize the staff and sharpen our tools and we will be ready to offer our members many opportunities to play, first of all, but also chances to develop similar projects in their own regions.

This Association wants to be “at the heart” of the Italian disc golf panorama, but without being centralist or monopolizing. We want to offer coordination but also a stimulus to grow in the territory. Follow us and be ready to get on board: we have a long way to go and we want to do it together!

(foto brooke kelly)

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