Luckily, there is a lot of stuff about disc golf on the internet. It will “cost” you a bit of English language (talking to Italian readers), but you will find everything: official sites, blogs, forums, video channels, online shops, and much more. As the players community grows more and more, discs and apparel producers became always more active on the web, and publish a lot of professional contents. Here is a small list of the most interesting, useful and fun sources we’ve found so far.

  • PDGA official web site: this is the Professional Disc Golf Association.
  • PDGA Europe official web site: this is the European PDGA division that will get more and more autonomy in the Old Continent.
  • DGA web site: the other american Association founded by the discipline’s creator
  • EDGF web site: European Federation currently engaged mainly in the organization of the European Championships every two years
  • Discgolfisti: disc golf related forum in Italian, just a try, but you can find interesting discussions and content in italian language
  • Disc golf course review: detailed path databases around the world. It also has a very rich forum full of content of all kinds
  • The SpinTV youtube channel: video channel for both tournaments coverage and educational videos
  • Jomez Production youtube channel: video channel for tournaments coverage
  • Central Coast Disc Golf: video channel for tournaments coverage
  • Disc Golf Pro Tour website: Pro Tour Tournament site designed by Steeve Dodge (Vibram disc golf)
  • Disc Golf World Tour web site: WORLD TOUR professional circuit site directed by Jussi Maresmaa