Associate gadget distribution 2021 and… 2020!

Finally the time has come: we are ready to start distribution of our 2020 and 2021 gadget pack for associates!

We want to set a little challenge to create little more fun: a 12 holes PUTTER ONLY round at Parco Lambro! A putt-contest and a little refreshment will follow, along with the distribution of associate’s goodies!

Saturday May 22nd
At 17:30
Parco Lambro Viale Turchia (Milano)


Associate Package include:

  • ILdiscgolf Associate Card with your personal and permanent number;
  • ASI Associate badge 2021;
  • Putter IL Disc Golf – for new joiners and 2020 associates;
  • Mini Marker IL Disc Golf – for 2021 associates.

We appreciate that not everyone can make the date because of agenda or location reasons, so after that date you just need to reach Luca Stanca or Mari Barresi to collect your associate goodies.

See you soon!

ILDiscGolf asd

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