Area Tarolli course hole-by-hole review

Tarolli Area course is the first concrete outcome of our passion for disc golf. A few months ago we presented our sport to the facility manager – Aldo Monfrini – and pointed out how his company  can benefit from a permanent course to expand his recreational activities offer. We can say has been a smooth process . Aldo, who was already looking for eco-friendly activities also for families and youths, immediatly become positive about  the disc golf “concept” . and us, immediately  realized that this was the perfect place to create a beautiful and exciting course for beginners and for more experienced players.
Firstly we focused on the target user for the course, especially the length of the each hole, and to the layout. Resulting in a balanced mix of different kinds of holes: simple, technical, open field, woods, uphill and downhill. From some raised tees, you can enjoy the flight of your disc towards to the basket, from others you will have to thread it accurately through the oaks. “Big arms”; will find the last three holes interesting.

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Hole 1: the elevation and the view from the top of a hill make this hole very picturesque. Although I would call it a “must-birdie” for the more experienced, there is some risk left for an OB area at the end of the slope that is just beyond the basket. If you go too long, it is not difficult to turn a possible 2 into a ruthless 4 on the score card.

Hole 2: After a short uphill transfer, you reach the first hole in the woods. Only 52 meters slightly downhill. If you find the right gap between the small trunks you can easily be under the basket with the first throw.

Hole 3: This is the first hole with two tees ; one white (experts) and one red (beginners). The white tee is still on a hill. The basket is not visible when the leaves are on the trees. It is necessary to pass through a natural gap between trees at a half way point and look for good positioning for your next throw. To the right of the road to cross, there is an OB area (camp site for tents). The second throw (the first, if thrown from the red tee) must go up the hill to the basket placed in a fairly clear area. However, don’t be surprised to see the disc roll back if you miss the putt.

Hole 4: We are still in the woods. A few more meters and a slight slope differentiate the hole 4 from the number 2. It’s more difficult to “park” the disc under the basket with the first shot, in this case.

Hole 5: Like hole 3 there are two tees. The white tee is located in an open space quite elevated compared to the basket that is located between a group of plants and a very dense forest. If the disc ends too much to the left you could enter in an OB area inside a fence dedicated to horses. A well-thrown disc will fly for several seconds and bend gently towards the chains. A completely different drive is necessary for those who start from the red tee. The disc path is slightly to the right and downhill. Be careful not to end up in OB or in the woods from which it will be difficult to get out.

Hole 6: Here we are, finally, in a open field for a hole of medium distance with a big curve from left to right very suitable for left handed backhand throw. Attention to the slope over the basket and to the unfriendly woods.

Hole 7: Distance is a point from now on. We are in the middle of a lawn. From the white tee, you can’t see the basket because you have to throw over a hill (on top of which the red tee is placed). It is very important to send a few mates to spot and keep an eye on the disc landing point and to be sure that the field is clear. Holes 7, 8 and 9 are in fact almost parallel and you will need to pay some attention to the other players. The biggest risk is still the woods on the right and beyond the basket. Don’t go in there !

Hole 8: From the white tee at 152 meters uphill, this hole is suitable for players with a powerful and precise drive. The red tee will save a lot of meters for the beginners but it will still be challenging to finish the hole at par (3). Beyond the basket there is an OB area so you mustn’t overpower your approach shot.

Hole 9: The basket is visible from the white tee but it is difficult to get there directly with the first throw despite a bit of  downhill. There are various possible throws from the white tee, and from the red one as well. Pay attention to the OB areas both on the left and, just a few meters beyond the basket.

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