First Time for Italy at World Team Championships

The 4th edition of the WFDF 2022 World Team Disc Golf Championships has been great, with 25 countries from allover the world competing in the stunning scenario along the Drava river, at Varazdin Croatia.

For the first time Italy was there, with 8 enthusiastic athletes spreading good energy around the competition venue. An appointment that can’t be missed in the future, with a format that truly bring teamwork into the game. Everything seasoned with an unique spirit of kindess, positive energy and new friends.

Team Italy have battled with 8 nations on the field (France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, Ireland, Serbia, Hungary), with an expected weak performance in terms of results, but showing great skills and bringing up an unmatched spirit.

Spirit of The Game, introduced for the first time in such a Disc Golf competition, has been a successfull experience. Where our team reached the top 5.

Full results are available on the event official site.

Huge thanks to Lagoda Disc Golf and all the Local Organization Committee, to WFDF, to all the players, to our partner Hole 19 and to FIFD – Federazione Italiana Flying Disc – Frisbee

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